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Our Latest Project | Tekky FC

Welcome to our Player Performance Programme "Tekky FC"  for academy, semi-professional and grassroots footballers ages 13-16+

Due to football's highly competitive nature. It is understood that talent alone is not enough. With this in mind, we created a system to work on areas on and off the field that exceed technical ability. To inspire our players to not only bring skills but a positive attitude and vision to the pitch.

Achievable Ways Of Living offers a style and way of working to empower the next generation of footballers beyond technical ability.

We aim to instil a work ethic on and off the field to give our players the best possible chance of succeeding in life be it in football of a different field of work.

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Less Ball Work, More Mind Work

  • Improving Individual Perfomance
  • Intense Strenght And Condition Sessions
  • Focusing On Mental Toughness And The Psychology Of Elite Performers
  • Individual And Small Group Sessions




Specialised Tuition

Achievers is our tuition-based service. Grouping together ambitious minds who have a desire to push themselves to new academic heights.

Achievers is a combination of personal and academic development. Created to provide the opportunity to study and learn in a high performing environment for students who are willing to stretch themselves and challenge each other's knowledge for the purpose of achieving a common goal.

The concept of placing like-minded students in an environment that is set up for them to be able to focus and learn amongst peers who are of a similar or greater level of intelligence holds the potential to change the way education is being approached and perceived for young people.
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1-2-1 Mentoring And Life Coaching

Inspiring Belief is our bespoke mentoring programme which focuses intensely on the individual needs of each client we work with.

Our philosophy is ‘one glove doesn’t fit all’ We approach our clients in a way which is suited to their personal circumstance and learning style.

We deliver our sessions with the intention of getting to the root of the client in order to figure out how best to help move them forward.

Inspiring Belief allows us to apply focused attention, in order to understand every aspect we have been assigned to improve.
This is a specialised service and we deliver a well-thought solution to help our clients become more aware of their potential and guide them in a way which expands their vision of themselves.
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Personal Training And Physical Intervention 

Mindset Matters is a physical intervention created for students who are interested in a physical challenge and for students who find it difficult engaging with education.

Mindset Matters is designed to instantly target and draw out the limiting beliefs within the student's belief system through an exercise to help them push beyond their comfort zone.

We are using intense exercise and boxing as a way to develop new beliefs about what’s possible. We understand all students learn in different ways, which is why we created Mindset Matters. It was to leave no stone unturned so we are able to reach students who are not as engaged with the theoretical side of learning.

Through Mindset Matters, we are still able to deliver the same message and philosophy but in a different way. Mindset Matters is for students looking for inspiration and to get a taste of what they are capable of once they refuse to give in.

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